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We love books and we combine that love with leading-edge manufacturing to bring your books to life. Publishers across the world are relying on EBS to get images that print exactly as they should when it's time to put ink on paper.

When you choose EBS, all the expectations will be covered with a product result that belongs to your first envision. You’ll get proofs that are color-managed to mimic the on-press color on our offset presses. You’ll get personal attention and service, that excels at solving complex projects, more, you’ ll get our love to do that. Your book gets the expert eyes and attention to detail that we’ ve developed as fine craftsmen in the graphic arts industry. Our team members, have been at the forefront of international color management, printing and binding since 1950, when EBS desired to start a continuos performance with outstanding quality that proves we made books in italy.

And that makes us the best partner in getting your book project to life, because we feel more partner, than ordinary printers. And every book we do, we do it for you, we do it for EBS. This is why you choose EBS. EBS loves books!

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