Peter Beard

Another Majestic manufacturing, for an XL size at 38,1 x 50,8 cm (15 x 20 inches). Over 600 full color printed pages on a premium, bulky triple coated Italian finest paper in 150 gsm. The almost fluo effect for those colors, have been achieved by years of experience in mixing inks in EBS, and prepare the specific recipe prior being on press. To obtain such as 100% ink coverage printing, with superb pigmented high density inks, and make sure that no dry back effect will be showing up. The paper doubles its weight, with the amount of ink poured on it! Test it! The manufacturing is one of the most solid technique you can find worldwide, with certain aspects and very important passages at binding stages, that EBS would be more than happy to explain to you. Best cloth quality, best leather quality, wood, carton pasted together and exclusively made in Italy, are the elements to make it happen. This book weights over 22 kilos. An amazing book that we are so proud to brand EBS in Italy.