After years of trials and after having rearranged their experiences EBS is now able to present a new work methodology designed specifically for photographers who want to print their jobs with greater fidelity possible, if not higher, than the originals.

Thanks to a patient process of comparison of projects printed in the past and to work with fine art print professionals have developed a system that can simulate the most common printing solutions that you would normally get in a traditional darkroom. A system that brings back the tradition of the great masters of photography and makes it applicable also to more advanced workflow with digital recording systems.

Our thoughts, developing this system, went to photographers every day work. Often in their demands we felt ask that the press of their work was similar to the effect was obtained with some films, or as made by a great artist of the past in his work. So we started to produce fine art photographic prints made with different recording systems (analog and digital), with all the possible films available and with different photo papers available on the market.
The next step was the digitalization of this vast amount of data we compared the experiences made with the greatest photographers of all time.

The result is “Argentic“: our new catalog of printing solutions in which the photographer or the person in charge of production can meet their needs and enhance the work with a letterpress printing fine art.

Let’s take an example of how to apply our metodolgia work. In a briefing, the artist or the responsibility for printing confronts our project managers to express their expectations with respect to the work that is going to print. They are submitted to the work done previously but are also used as a benchmark the originals in order to enhance their capacity for expression. At this stage you can check out our archives of printing solutions (Tri-X like, HP5 Simulator, Velvia Landscape) to be adopted. Compare the different possibilities and made some preliminary tests (printing with printing press, printing Fogra certified test, test machine offset) will proceed to the production of all the work which will then be verified, step by step, together with the artist.

A consolidated workflow that is enriched with solutions that draw from the best of photographic production of the last 50 years which can be done by reference to have a high quality printing.